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Feminism September 29, 2008

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I have heard a lot of “feminists” say that if Sarah Palin gets into the White House, it will be a huge step backwards for feminism. I didn’t know that the only women who could further feminism and equality were democrats. Mike Huckabee said something the other night that I totally agree with. He said that feminism is becoming less about women and more about liberal views. I am a conservative woman. My beliefs and views are not backwards, they aren’t stuck in the past, they aren’t less intelligent, and they do not rob or deny women of their rights.


Voting September 25, 2008

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Last night, a friend of mine introduced me to her pastor. While talking to him, she asked him what he thought about what was going on in politics and government. He said, “One thing I never talk about is politics. I have never and will never preach to my church from the pulpit who they should vote for. All I tell them is to vote. It doesn’t matter who they vote for, all that matters is that they vote.” Are you kidding me? I do agree that pastors should not tell their congregations who to vote for but I feel that they should say something like, “Track each of the candidates through the Bible and whoever is closest to following scripture, that’s who you should vote for.” I am so tired of hearing on TV and from people that all that matters is that you vote. No! We shouldn’t be saying, “Just vote!” We should be saying, “Do your research and then vote.” Lots of people think that they are being good Americans and doing their part by just voting. They don’t look into what candidates believe, what they stand for, they just go and vote. I’m sorry but that’s not being a good American; that’s being a lazy American. It may not be as lazy as not voting at all but I personally agree with people who choose to not vote when they know that they have no idea what or who they’re voting for. So, when people who just go and vote without any knowledge of what or who they’re voting for start to complain because they’re unhappy with whoever was elected or whatever laws passed, it makes me want to yell, “Be quiet! You have no right to complain!” And don’t even get me started on people who don’t vote and then feel that they have a right to complain on that topic.


We Have a President, Not a Monarch from Long Ago

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Ok, I know that not everyone likes President Bush. I do feel, however, that we should all have respect for him because of the position he holds. I got SO annoyed the other day when I heard an older woman say, “I’m sorry, President Bush just can’t be a good Christian if he allows gas prices to get this high!” Ok, we have a president, not a king from long ago. It bothers me how little most Americans know about our government and how it works. President Bush can’t go to his podium one day and announce, “Today, gas will be $1 cheaper everywhere. I have spoken!” He doesn’t have absolute power. For a long time he recommended drilling in Alaska to help lower our gas prices but Congress said no because they didn’t want to harm nature. And that brings me to another thing: we have a president from one party and the majority of congress is from the opposite party. I’ve heard people say that President Bush hasn’t really done anything. I feel that he has tried but he has a congress that won’t work with him. I’m so tired of Republicans only helping Republicans and Democrats only supporting and helping Democrats. Can’t they all just try to do what’s right for the US? All I know is that since 9-11, President Bush has kept our nation, my family, and me safe and for that I thank him.