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Feminism September 29, 2008

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I have heard a lot of “feminists” say that if Sarah Palin gets into the White House, it will be a huge step backwards for feminism. I didn’t know that the only women who could further feminism and equality were democrats. Mike Huckabee said something the other night that I totally agree with. He said that feminism is becoming less about women and more about liberal views. I am a conservative woman. My beliefs and views are not backwards, they aren’t stuck in the past, they aren’t less intelligent, and they do not rob or deny women of their rights.


5 Responses to “Feminism”

  1. Ashleigh Says:

    Most feminists don’t like her because she’s pro-life. That’s the determining factor for them. I say, thank God we have a potential leader before us who is not afraid to take a stand against abortion.

  2. S.J. Says:

    So what, then, do you consider women’s rights?

  3. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    I believe that women should have the same, equal rights as men: in job selection, pay, etc. But I do not feel that women have the right to choose abortion. The decision on whether a baby lives or dies should be God’s alone. Also, what if a woman is pregnant with a little girl? What about that little “woman’s” rights?

  4. M Says:

    I don’t think it’s fair to bring “God” into any political argument in our supposedly secular nation. It doesn’t follow our national principles to foist religious beliefs on non-consenting people. So I don’t think “god” is the only one who gets to make a choice about a woman’s body. I think she has that right to choose or not to choose birth.

  5. 26 Year Old Woman Says:

    This blog post didn’t say anything about God. But our nation was founded on God and religion. Our money says “In God We Trust” and our pledge of allegiance says “One Nation Under God…” You can’t argue that.

    Also, when a woman chooses to have sex, she’s chosen to accept that she could get pregnant. Sex makes babies so when you choose to do that, you’ve chosen to accept the outcome. I’ve posted a blog on Abortion that tells more about what I think on the subject.

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