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Abortion October 2, 2008


I am beyond fired up about this. Get ready, because this is going to be a book; I have so many feelings on this subject and a ton of information. What brought on this blog is what I’ve learned about Barack Obama and the “Born Alive Infant Protection Act.” Ok, I am going to tell you exactly what it is and what happened but if you’d like to hear it straight from the horse’s mouth, go to this link to watch the video:,2933,407882,00.html

The “Born Alive Infant Protection Act” is a bill that protects babies that were born alive from a botched abortion. This is not partial birth abortion. This is called induced labor abortion.  For this procedure, the physician inserts a medication into the mom’s birth canal that dilates the cervix and the intent is for the baby to be delivered prematurely. They’re fully formed but they’re very small. So when the cervix opens, basically, the baby falls out of the uterus, and it’s anticipated that the baby will die during the birth process. But sometimes these babies live for a time. Jill Stanek was a nurse that worked at Christ Hospital. She testified, under oath, to the Senate what she witnessed at that hospital. She said that 10% to 20% of babies survived this type of abortion at that hospital. The hospital even confessed that fact to the “Chicago Sun-Times” in 2001. She gave an example of one of these abortions where the baby lived. The mother and father did not want their baby because he had down-syndrome (and don’t even get me started there. I’ll discuss that later on). Here is what she said:

“One night a nursing coworker was taking a little baby boy who had been aborted alive, between 21 and 22 weeks because he had down-syndrome, to our soiled utility room for him to die there because his parents didn’t want to hold him and she didn’t have time to hold him that night. When she told me what she was doing, I couldn’t bear the thought of this suffering child dying alone. So I cradled and rocked him for the 45 minutes that he lived.”

Here is a picture of a 21 week old baby holding a surgeon’s hand.

Can you believe that this hospital was going to let a baby suffer and die alone in a dirty utility room?! The thing is, with the majority of these born alive abortions, the babies would have lived if they had been put on life support and attended to medically. This bill would have given rights to these alive babies. They would have been given medical attention. If they lived, the parents could have given them up for adoption. So again, if it was a botched abortion and the baby didn’t die, as “planned,” that baby would then have been entitled to, as a person, get medical care. Barack Obama was the only senator to speak out against this bill in the Senate. He voted against this bill. He said that this would negate the intentions of the mother to abort and was an invasion of a woman’s privacy. Are you kidding me? As they discuss in the video link that I posted earlier, Obama is lying about these facts and his vote. Also, Barak said that his daughters were only 6 and 9 but that he would bring them up with good morals. But that if in the future they made a mistake, he would not PUNISH them with a baby. PUNISH! That was the word that he used!

Ok, now I’m going to leave the Obama portion of my rant and move on to my feelings on abortion, ANY type of abortion. I believe that at the moment of conception, there is a LIVING baby there. 1.6 million babies are aborted in the United States every year. Out of those 1.6 million, 1.5 million of these abortions are classified as an unwanted pregnancies (Sources: Planned Parenthood, National Center for Health Statistics). I have SO many problems that I’m just going to list them.

1. It’s the mother’s right to choose. Ok, wasn’t there a dad involved in the pregnancy? Doesn’t he have any say so or rights when it comes to a child that is half his? Besides that, just because you are the mother, that doesn’t mean that you always choose what is right for your child. Look at the lady who pushed her car into a lake with her children in the back seat or the mother who drowned her children in the bath tub. Does a layer of skin really change the rights of their children or override the responsibilities of that mother?

2. Rape Victims. Rape must be one of the worst experiences that I could ever imagine. I know that this one will be a terribly touchy subject, but I’m just going to tell you how I feel. Doctors have said that an extremely rare number of rape victims get pregnant during the rape because their bodies are in too much stress to conceive. Ok, here are the facts: 2% of all pregnancies in America are caused by incest, rape, and life of the mother. So for these 2%, we allow the other 98% of babies to be killed. You cannot build policies on exceptions. A study in Minnesota and Pennsylvania of 5,000 rape cases resulted in not one pregnancy. But there are a small number of victims who do get pregnant from the terrible act. But the thing is, the child should not be punished because of what that horrible man did. I know that the victims didn’t want or expect the pregnancy but there is now an innocent life inside of her. I think that the government should pass a law that states that all of the medical bills for a pregnant rape victim will be covered and the victim can, if she chooses, allow the child to be adopted.  Again, I can’t even begin to imagine how horrible and unfair that whole ordeal would be. But God can bring good from the most awful of situations. That child who had no fault in the rape and who was allowed to live and be adopted could grow up and discover the cure for cancer.

3. This brings me to my next point. The massive number of babies that have been allowed to be killed could have helped our world in ways that we can’t even begin to imagine. One of those babies could have grown up to discover the cure for AIDS, one could have been the best president we’ve ever had, and on and on.

4. There is going to be something wrong physically or mentally with the child. Ok, this one really burns me up! We can’t try to create a utopia of people where everyone is “perfect.” This is something that Hitler tried to do. During his rule, Hitler had “hospitals” formed where any child that was born with a physical or mental problem would be sent to receive “care.” What happened is that these children weren’t fed, weren’t cared for, and soon died. He also had adults with mental and physical problems sent to institutions. Where, again, they weren’t fed or cared for and most died. Hitler saw them as having no worth and that they could never contribute to their world. The fact is that God gives parents these special, wonderful children for them to look after and protect, not kill. My uncle has cerebral palsy and it makes me BEYOND furious that anyone would say that it would have been better for him or his parents if he’d been aborted! He has four children who love him dearly. He is intelligent and a fantastic Christian. His parents, my grandparents, wanted him. That’s the thing, people are just selfish and if a child appears that they may take too much attention or time or just not be what they wanted, they get rid of them. I know a lot of people who aren’t physically or mentally “perfect” who have contributed a lot more to our world than some people who have nothing obviously altered with their appearance or mind.

5. People who aren’t ready to have a baby. Ok, if you aren’t ready emotionally or financially to have a baby, that is no reason to kill the child. There is adoption. I know a family here in my town that paid all of a woman’s medical bills and adopted her child. The woman didn’t want the child but made the right decision not to have an abortion because there are TONS of people who want children, who want to be parents but are unable to conceive.

6. Another thought that I just had is this: You never hear anyone tell a grieving husband and wife that just had a miscarriage that they shouldn’t be so upset because their child wasn’t really a baby yet; it was just a “fetus.” No one would ever say that because they know just as much as that grieving parent that it WAS a baby, a person, a life; it was their child. Praise God that all babies who suffered miscarriages or abortions belong to God. They are all in heaven!

The lady in Roe v. Wade, Norma McCorvey (“Jane Roe”), claimed during the Supreme Court trial that her pregnancy was a result of rape. She now admits that she made that up. Did you know that she ended up never getting her abortion? And she has been quoted saying that she thanks God that she didn’t kill her child. She had the little girl and gave her up for adoption. In 1995, Norma gave her life to God and was baptized. She literally moved next door from the abortion clinic at which she was working to the national offices of the prominent pro-life organization, Operation Rescue. Norma is now dedicated to reversing what she was a part of some three decades ago. She has now started the “Roe No More Ministry.”

Let me just say that I in NO way think that a woman who has had an abortion is a monster. I do think that she was wrong and made a mistake to kill her baby because life is so precious. It is a gift from God. Psalm 139


31 Responses to “Abortion”

  1. Amanda Says:

    I am so proud of you. I think this is one of the most compelling arguments I’ve ever read concerning the pro-life/pro-choice debate. I could not have said it better, and frankly, I’ve never heard ANYONE say it that well (including our two Presidential candidates).

  2. layneejoe Says:

    I have to totally agree with you on the comment about women who are raped. I can’t ever begin to imagine what women must go through. Having said that, I still believe that there is no excuse for abortion. God has a plan for every baby, even those that come from rape. I am one of them. My mom was sixteen when she was raped and got pregnant. As hard as that had to be for her, she took the responsibility to nurture the innocent life inside of her. Had she chosen abortion, I would not be here. Imagine what more emotional trama she would have gone through having aborted me. I think it would be so much more horrific to know that there was no chance for that life than knowing that she now has a young woman in this world because of her courageous decision. She gave me up for adoption, and I couldn’t ask for a more blessed life. I know that God has a purpose for every precious life, why do we think we can decide what to do with it?

  3. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    Layneejoe, incredible testimony, absolutely incredible! Thank you for posting that. People like you, above any of the rest of us, truly have a right to have an opinion on this subject.

  4. M.E. Says:

    As another 25 year old woman, I feel compelled to share my own perspective. You seem to enjoy saying that you don’t judge the woman who is faced with abortion, and implying that you understand the “horrible” and “unfair” situations that lead to it but your tone belies your intent and it’s painfully obvious how morally elitist you are. You shun the woman for the sake of the unborn, assuming she’s petty and irresponsible.

    As a compassionate person, of course I care for the well-being of every child. But it brings me almost to tears that you assume a woman choosing abortion has been flippant, fears no trauma and suffers no heartache for the loss.

    I am very fortunate, like you, to have never been forced to contemplate my options because of an unplaned pregnancy. And, I, myself could never imagine choosing abortion because I am lucky to have stable income, health insurance, a loving family and supportive friends. But its precisely because I can never imagine being poor, alone and pregnant that I cannot judge a woman who is. Whatever the situation, though, a woman deserves education about all of her options and supportive counsel before making a decision FOR HERSELF.

    I know you will likely choose to delete my response from your post. But your arrogance has inflamed me and I cannot stand to let you with a clear conscience recieve nothing but praise for your perspective. No one deserves the misfortune of having to make a choice and I certainly pray that you never have to face what you don’t understand, either. That would be truly tragic.

  5. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    I respect your opinion. I just don’t agree. Please excuse my bluntness, but let’s face it, outside of rape, women don’t get pregnant if they don’t have sex. We all know that when a woman has sex, there’s the possibility that she’ll get pregnant. We all have to start taking responsibility for our actions. The act of sex makes babies. Babies that didn’t ask to be here but that were made by two people who then want to decide that they don’t want them or can’t handle them.

    I believe in absolute truths. I believe that something is either wrong or it’s right. We make everything so gray by giving exceptions to people, to situations, to lifestyles, etc. Like I said in my blog, for women or girls who can’t financially support the baby or don’t have the support of family or friends, there is always adoption. Want-to-be parents are always available who will pay for everything if they’ll be able to adopt the child, I’ve seen it. You really need to read the post that a woman named Layneejoe just posted on this blog. It is moving and it is the truth.

    Like you said of yourself, I try to be a compassionate person. I will do anything that I can to help a scared woman who finds herself pregnant. That’s exactly what happened when my best friend got pregnant when we were 14 years old. She chose to have the baby. She told me that it was her decision to have sex and that she helped to cause her pregnancy. She said that it was not the baby’s fault that she was pregnant and he had a right to live. She had him when she was 15, chose to keep him, and went on to complete college – on her own. She is now married and they have had another son. She has a great job. It can happen and it does. She also told me when she was pregnant that even in the first trimester, she could feel him inside of her and she KNEW that he was alive. Even though she made a mistake when she was young, he wasn’t the mistake. So there is never an excuse to killing LIVING babies just because we carelessly bring them into this world. I know some married couples who unexpectedly got pregnant and didn’t feel ready or prepared in many ways; but they chose to have their baby because God obviously gave the child to them at that time for a reason. And He has blessed them and taken care of them.

    We, people, can’t control everything; we can’t always get our own way. Sometimes we have to live with our mistakes and/or other people’s mistakes but praise the Lord, sometimes mistakes bring on beautiful, innocent miracles. Babies are gifts, no matter how they get here. I know that you said that I was arrogant. I truly don’t mean to come across that way. I hope that confidence in what I, to my core, believe won’t be confused with arrogance. I have the right to believe that abortion, in any situation, is wrong just as much as you have the right to feel what you do. Somebody has to speak for these murdered babies because they can’t speak for themselves

  6. Amanda Says:

    Well said, TFYOW. I wonder – why is it that YOUR opinion is “arrogant,” when M.E.’s opinion – just as strong and passionate, but on the other side of the coin, although she also cannot identify with the women she’s speaking about – isn’t arrogant (from her standpoint)?

    There’s nothing wrong – NOTHING wrong – with being emphatic and passionate about what you believe. Sugarcoating the truth doesn’t do anyone any good – it just glosses over the facts.

    This is a hot-button topic, obviously – but I take offense to M.E.’s assertion that your comments are arrogant. If anything, they’re blunt, but there’s a big difference between blunt and arrogant. Sometimes the truth feels harsh, but I admire you for saying what you think and having the guts to respond to critics. I appreciate you posting both the positive and negative comments.

    Again – well done.

  7. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    These are VERY hard to look at; I couldn’t even make it through all of them.

    If you want to see what abortion really looks like, what it does, go to this link:

  8. Kathy Says:

    “Abortion is advocated only by persons who have themselves been born.” – Ronald Reagan

  9. BJ Says:

    Not voting for Obama because you are a Christian. Chaney’s
    daughter is Gay. Bush’s daughters did prescription drugs illegally. Sarah Palin’s daughter is pregnant out of wedlock. She I go on? They don’t live up to Christian values either. You better
    follow Christ and stop following imperfect people. Where were those great Republicans when they watched your people drown on t.v during hurricane Katrina. Were there lives less valuable to God, Abortion is a heart issue and if God is in your heart you won’t have one. White people’s lies legalized abortion not OBAMA. You beter wake up. People like you didn’t support King either. John McCain’s state of Arizona was the last to adopt MLK holiday since you brought him up.
    This is just an issue to divide people. Republicans and Democrats alike have abortions. The woman behind roe vs wade (Norma McCorvey) did not have an abortion she gave her baby up for adoption. This is a heart issue. She later gave her life to Christ and is now against abortion. All people fall short but not Jesus. Follow him not Republicans.

  10. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    Why on earth would you say that I wouldn’t have supported Martin Luther King Jr.? Do you know me? No, you don’t. I see a BIG difference between Barack Obama and Martin Luther King Jr. How you turned my blog on abortion into a racist topic is absolutely beyond me. I only discussed Obama’s voting record on the Born Alive Act, which is a fact. And I don’t believe that I said anywhere in my blog that only democrats have abortions; nope, I didn’t. I’m very insulted that you’re telling me that I better stop following imperfect people and start following Christ and that I better wake up. You don’t know me at all so it’s very ridiculous that you should tell me what I better do. As a Christian, I do my best to follow Christ. It’s odd to me that when you read my blog on abortion, apparently the only issues that you got out of it were racism, democrats, and republicans, which I never discussed or brought up once in my blog. Oh you also talked about John McCain because you said that I brought him up; where did I bring him up?

  11. Trevor Says:

    BJ, I didn’t know that white republicans could control the weather. Man, that’s an awesome power to have

  12. Amanda Says:

    BJ – it’s “better,” too. Not “beter.” Next time you’re on a ridiculous and insulting rant, maybe you should use spell-check. Just a thought.

  13. Neil Says:

    Thanks for a thoughtful and excellent post! You address a lot of important questions here.

  14. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    Thank you Neil!

  15. josiahe Says:

    I would like to ask you to rephrase that last line.

    A lot of women don’t know. That’s so in my case, even through my daughter argued with me. She understood my motivation, but she was right and I was wrong!

    Once they know, I totally agree. I’m a father who took his daughter to get an abortion; I had never considered anything about abortion; I just knew I wanted my daughter to have a chance at a good life and that I was already grieving for her.

    The really horrible regret didn’t come for about 7 or 8 years, but when it did, I went reeling into a horrible depression realizing what I had done. As a Christian, I now know I’m forgiven, but I also have to carry what the consequences are . . . . one of which, I believe, is why my daughter still hates me.

    Thank you for your blog!

    I’m linking to it and am continuing in prayer. (Please, let’s all be in prayer for our children, for our nation, for our pResident, especially, this Sunday.) May he come to understand sooner than later!

  16. josiahe Says:

    Now, I re-read that last line and it says just the opposite of what I thought it said . . . . too emotional over this . . . if you can edit it, please do, and thanks again for your post!

  17. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    Bless your heart Josiahe; I am definitely praying for you and for your daughter. And you are so right, when you asked God for forgiveness, he COMPLETELY forgave you. There’s great comfort in knowing that every baby that has been aborted is with God; they belong to Him.

  18. skepticat Says:

    You seem like someone totally without human empathy and largely without compassion.

    A lot of Christians are like that.

  19. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    I’m sorry you feel that way; God bless you

  20. paolov Says:

    “This is something that religious groups have managed to really get right – they simply don’t allow contradictory views to be expressed on their websites, either by not having space for comments or by weeding out any comments that don’t agree with their agenda. This frees up more time for their flock to wander the web in search of new pastures in which to start arguments, whilst simultaneously keeping their own pastures unfouled.”

  21. Twenty Five Year Old Woman Says:

    I don’t think that you read all of the comments on my posts because if you had, you’d have seen that there are a lot of comments that I’ve allowed that don’t agree with me. There’s a reason that I choose to not allow some comments. I don’t approve comments that have bad language or videos.

    I didn’t post your comment because I don’t know if the link you provided had true information. I went to the article and read it. That’s the first time that I’ve read that about that photo but I’ve read MANY articles that have the explanation that I’ve given for it. I believe that the baby is holding the surgeon’s hand.

  22. Amanda Says:


    I’m not 100% sure, but I think you may have gotten your last comment from an 18th century romance novel. “Whilst?” Who says “whilst” in 2009? And you know, I don’t think words like “web” (referring to the Internet) and “whilst” should be in the same paragraph.

    And I’m surprised to learn that you seem to think that Christians live only near English countrysides – what with all the “flock” and “pasture” talk…

    I’m just saying.

    And I also completely disagree with you – 25 Year Old is pretty fair with posting opposing viewpoints. Like yours.

  23. paolov Says:

    “And I also completely disagree with you – 25 Year Old is pretty fair with posting opposing viewpoints. Like yours.”

    Except of course you never got to see my comments that were deleted. You never had the chance to see the information and make up your own mind. Rather than leave the comments and respond, all traces were removed. TFYOW does seem happy to leave some comments, but I notice that they generally happen to be ones that lack substantive content – making them belief rather than information based. Easy to disagree with in other words.

    “Who says “whilst” in 2009?”
    People with a good education and a grasp of the English language perhaps?

  24. paolov Says:

    “I didn’t post your comment because I don’t know if the link you provided had true information. I went to the article and read it. That’s the first time that I’ve read that about that photo but I’ve read MANY articles that have the explanation that I’ve given for it. I believe that the baby is holding the surgeon’s hand.”

    I understand – but surely it is better to allow people to make up their own mind?

    I would point out that plain logic tells us the interpretation of the image is dubious. The procedure being carried out requires a general anaesthetic to prevent the mother and child from moving during the delicate operation (unlike a C-section, where the procedure is quite straightforward and can be carried out with a local anaesthetic). That means that the child would be unable to move its arm or hold anything in its hand regardless of its stage of development.

    The interpretation of the image is wishful thinking – an emotive tool being used in a debate that is fuelled by strong emotional reactions, to the detriment of both women and unborn babies alike.

  25. Neil Says:


    With or without the photo it is a scientific fact that a new human being is created at conception. At least that’s what all those mainstream embryology textbooks say — .

    The denial of the humanity of the unborn is wishful thinking. It is used to rationalize the destruction of over 3,000 human beings per day. The denial of the very real post abortive trauma of those involved is more wishful thinking.

  26. PaoloV Says:

    Did I ever deny that a human embryo is human? The question is not of humanity but quality of life. Abortion is a difficult choice, which is often about the life that a child would be born into and the suffering it would face due to the circumstances of its parents or quirks of development. Information for parents facing such a decision should be factual and should avoid emotional blackmail. It is neither factual, nor honest to reinforce or perpetuate known falsehoods that may influence people’s lives. The image caption above is such a falsehood. Beliefs differ but facts are facts – if you can’t influence people’s decisions using facts do you really want to rely on lies to support your beliefs? If so, what is that saying about those beliefs?

    Honest mistakes in information are one thing, lies are something else. Once a mistake is identified it should be fixed, otherwise it ceases to be honest.

  27. The Arbourist Says:

    I wrote a post that refutes a few of the points mentioned here. More importantly, the woman must be treated as an individual with complete ownership of her body. Counter arguments to this post can be found here:

  28. Neil Says:

    Honest mistakes in information are one thing, lies are something else. Once a mistake is identified it should be fixed, otherwise it ceases to be honest.

    PauloV, I have no idea if your assessment of the facts about the picture are correct.

    I do know that it is a scientific fact that a new human life begins at conception. I also that it is immoral to kill innocent human beings, which is precisely what abortions do.

    The question is not of humanity but quality of life. Abortion is a difficult choice, which is often about the life that a child would be born into and the suffering it would face due to the circumstances of its parents or quirks of development.

    Is it moral or legal to kill innocent human beings outside the womb because of their current circumstances or quirks of development? If not, then why does the location of the human being in question matter?

    More importantly, the woman must be treated as an individual with complete ownership of her body.

    That ignores both the ability of the unborn to “own” their bodies and the fact that these pregnancies weren’t forced by the government.

  29. PaoloV Says:

    Neil, my assessment of the facts about the picture were originally supported with a link to a very well respected urban myth debunking website, who had done their research about the photo – but TFYOW deleted the comment because it contained a link. If you want to independently assess the veracity of my claims, take a look at the article by Robert Davis in USA Today, from 2nd March 2000 (page D8). He interviews the surgeon who carried out the procedure (Dr. Joseph Bruner of Vanderbilt University) to get a first-hand account of what happened.

    The photographer who took the photo is the one who came up with the story about the child reaching out to grab the surgeon’s hand. I’ll let you decide which opinion is more valid – an observer who directly profits from a miraculous interpretation of the image, or the person whose hand was supposedly held whilst carrying out their 54th operation on a foetus. I’d suggest doing some research.

    As to the moral issue of killing an unborn child, I have not yet made up my mind where I stand on the issue. The situation is only simple if you simplify it, but that means trivialising aspects of the situation – something I am unwilling to do given its importance. When I make up my mind on where I stand on this issue it will be through reasoned investigation of facts and evidence, rather that emotive responses to urban myths and irresponsible and deliberate misinformation.

    My current feeling is that there are people who have such a poor quality of life (for various reasons) that they might have been better off never having been born. I wouldn’t want to make that decision myself, but I also wouldn’t want a child if I was unable to care for it or if it was likely to suffer.

    As to the rights of the woman, I view them as important, but they are accompanied by responsibilities. More to the point, as soon as we start invoking “rights” we enter a difficult area, since “rights” are social constructs that have little bearing on the hard realities of the situation – if a woman has rights, why does the child not have them also? Such considerations are also relevant to the issue of “humanity” – it is also a construct that we deem important because we deem it important. I don’t think it has any relevance to the issue.

    Many pregnancies (up to 20%) spontaneously miscarry, so there is a natural tendency for humans to lose foetus’ anyway. If a mother is capable of physiologically rejecting a child, does it make it better or worse for her to psychologically reject it and seek assistance to do so? Choice is an important factor here. Is it better to hope (or pray) for a miscarriage than it is to get an abortion? The difference is that an abortion is far more certain, which means there’s less chance of a child being born to a mother who doesn’t want it.

    My final thought is that while a child is entirely dependent on the mother, she should have a say in its survival – after all, it is taking her blood, filling her body and making her life difficult (effectively it’s a giant parasite). Once the child is developed well enough to have a good chance of survival outside the mother (even if it is on a machine) I think that the situation changes. In such a case the child shouldn’t be aborted, it should be delivered early and be put up for adoption.

    To avoid late terminations mothers need access to information and facilities to make up their own minds. They need to be able to make a genuine choice, not simply bow down to pressure from people with big opinions and few scruples about how those opinions are aired.

    I’m still not decided, but that’s because I am simply not yet well enough informed to make a decision.

  30. theflipsideofthecoin Says:

    Thanks for getting this information out into the public. One never knows who might stumble upon this blog and have it save a life! God Bless You!

  31. I stumbled on this a few years late, but I’m so glad I did. I agree with you wholeheartedly; thanks for posting.

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