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What If You’re Wrong? October 2, 2008


I just saw a commercial for the movie “Religulous” with Bill Maher. Ok, first of all, this movie looks extremely sacrilegious and like nothing that I would ever want to see or support. But there is a portion of the ad for that movie that shows Bill being asked by someone, “What if you’re wrong?” Then Bill says back to him, “Well, what if you’re wrong?” That really got me to thinking. I believe that the only way to Heaven is through salvation. Meaning, I believe that a person must ask God to forgive them of their sins, sins that crucified his son, Jesus. They must ask God to come into their heart and save their soul. This is salvation. This is the only way to heaven. Salvation doesn’t mean that you’re perfect but it does mean that you are trying to live in a way that would please God. Salvation isn’t just the words; it’s something that happens inside of you. True salvation produces evidences of salvation: you read your Bible, you grow spiritually, you try and follow the Ten Commandments, etc. Now I’ve heard many people like Oprah and Barack Obama say that there are many ways to God and Heaven. I’ve also heard many people say that there is no God, like Kathy Griffin. Ok, so let’s just say that I’m wrong. If there is no God, I have nothing to worry about because when I die nothing bad is going to happen. And if I’m wrong about salvation being the only way Heaven, again, I have nothing to worry about because surely the beliefs and lifestyle of a Christian would be one of those many ways to Heaven. But now let’s look at the other side: if they’re wrong. If they are wrong about there being no God or wrong about there being many ways to Heaven, then they’re in BIG trouble. Because that would mean that there is a God, there is a Heaven, there’s only one way to get there, and there is also a Hell. There’s a song by Nichole Nordeman that’s about this very subject; it’s called “What If.” It’s an amazing song that everyone should hear.


3 Responses to “What If You’re Wrong?”

  1. Amanda M. Says:

    You make a great point. This should all the more cause us to pray that God would open the eyes of unbelievers to his gospel!

  2. paolov Says:

    There is a formal logical description of what you describe here, it is known as Pascal’s Wager. There are flaws however, because the same wager has to be made with every variant of monotheistic faith, since each prohibits the worship of false gods and false prophets. What if you have backed the wrong God? What if Muhammed happens to be the true prophet, or what if God has not yet sent a prophet? You would be just as damned as an atheist – perhaps more so because you would be actively going against His will, rather than simply not recognising it. But I suppose you have your faith, so such arguments are probably irrelevant.

  3. Intransigentia Says:

    My way of dealing with Pascal’s Wager is as follows:

    Part 1:
    Living in opposition to my morals would be to defile myself.
    Every religion to which I’ve been exposed has core tenets that violate my moral principles.

    Part 2:
    When faced with an unjust law, it is moral to defy it.
    A person who is willing to risk punishment for defying an unjust law is (potentially) a martyr and a hero.

    Part 3:
    Most religions threaten eternal punishment for unbelievers.
    I’ll take my martyrdom in the afterlife, thank you very much. In the meantime I’ll live the life I have according to the morality that is a core part of my identity.

    The other problem with Pascal’s Wager is, if God really is omniscient, He can tell if really believe, or if you’re just gaming the system to avoid going to hell. And if I were God, I’d be pretty offended by someone faking it to avoid punishment, and behave accordingly.

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