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Different Opinions May 13, 2009


I am a proud Christian and it annoys me when I feel like everyone has a right to their opinion unless it’s a Christian or a conservative stance. I have just as much right to say that I’m pro-life as others have the right to believe that it’s the woman’s right to choose. I don’t like it when people say I’m closed minded; no, I just have an opinion on the subject and it’s different than their’s. I wish that we could all treat each other with respect when we have differing opinions and just agree to disagree. This is what I read on someone else’s blog and I totally agree with their statement: “It gets to the point where I just get so tired of being told that I’m wrong for sticking to my opinions and that someday I’ll “see the light” – it’s like, NO! This IS my light!”


2 Responses to “Different Opinions”

  1. morsec0de Says:

    What’s great and horrible about freedom of speech is that everyone has it. And that includes people telling you that they think your opinion is wrong.

    It also includes you telling me that you think I’m wrong.

    The question is, do you think your opinions are being ‘attacked’ more than any others? And if so, why?

    Most importantly, don’t stop telling people your opinion just because they disagree with you. But also do your best to explain the reasons behind your opinion, and listen to the reasons behind those who oppose you. Who knows? One of you could discover that you’re wrong.

  2. David Says:

    Keep it up!

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