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6,000 Steps and Choosing to Show Up January 27, 2010

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I’ve been wearing a pedometer for a few weeks now. My goal is that everyday, I take at least 6,000 steps. For some people, this isn’t hard to do at all but since I have a job where I’m sitting at the computer most of the day,  it takes some effort for me to reach my goal each day. My husband and I are planning to go to the beach the first week of July so that means swimsuit, which is very motivating.

I’m reading the book “First Place 4 Health” by Carole Lewis. The part I read yesterday was about “choosing to show up.” She talks about how we must choose to show up and not just in dieting and exercising but in every part of our lives. We may not FEEL like exercising but we must still CHOOSE to put on our tennis shoes and get on the treadmill. We may FEEL like eating an entire pizza but we CHOOSE to eat two slices. We can’t let our feelings rule our lives. We have to make choices. And she talks about how being healthy is just a series of small, positive choices. Like when you’re about to get on the elevator or escalator, CHOOSE to take the stairs. I felt proud of myself the other day because I wanted something sweet so I went to the freezer and got out some ice cream. Then I stopped and actually thought about what I had read in Carole’s book. I thought, ” I FEEL like eating ice cream. But I’m going to CHOOSE to eat a tootsie pop instead.” I know the best choice would have been to not eat either but the tootsie pop was a better choice (because I probably could have eaten the whole thing of ice cream). This also reminded me of something that a speaker said at a conference that I went to a couple weeks ago. He said, “I don’t have to be the best. But I do have to be better than I was last week.”


One Response to “6,000 Steps and Choosing to Show Up”

  1. Your Sister Says:

    I needed to hear that today. I’m doing great at eating pretty healthily right now, but having an awful, awful time on the exercise front. You’re right – I have to choose to show up.

    I like the last quote, too. That’s great.

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