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6,000 Steps and Choosing to Show Up January 27, 2010

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I’ve been wearing a pedometer for a few weeks now. My goal is that everyday, I take at least 6,000 steps. For some people, this isn’t hard to do at all but since I have a job where I’m sitting at the computer most of the day,  it takes some effort for me to reach my goal each day. My husband and I are planning to go to the beach the first week of July so that means swimsuit, which is very motivating.

I’m reading the book “First Place 4 Health” by Carole Lewis. The part I read yesterday was about “choosing to show up.” She talks about how we must choose to show up and not just in dieting and exercising but in every part of our lives. We may not FEEL like exercising but we must still CHOOSE to put on our tennis shoes and get on the treadmill. We may FEEL like eating an entire pizza but we CHOOSE to eat two slices. We can’t let our feelings rule our lives. We have to make choices. And she talks about how being healthy is just a series of small, positive choices. Like when you’re about to get on the elevator or escalator, CHOOSE to take the stairs. I felt proud of myself the other day because I wanted something sweet so I went to the freezer and got out some ice cream. Then I stopped and actually thought about what I had read in Carole’s book. I thought, ” I FEEL like eating ice cream. But I’m going to CHOOSE to eat a tootsie pop instead.” I know the best choice would have been to not eat either but the tootsie pop was a better choice (because I probably could have eaten the whole thing of ice cream). This also reminded me of something that a speaker said at a conference that I went to a couple weeks ago. He said, “I don’t have to be the best. But I do have to be better than I was last week.”


I Am BEYOND Fired Up!!! January 22, 2010

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I am obsessed with watching/listening to the news and I LOVE history documentaries. I LOVE watching/listening to FOX news. History fascinates me. Politics fascinate me (and also annoy me to death but I love to know what’s going on).

I just finished watching Glenn Beck’s special documentary: “The Revolutionary Holocaust.” It was amazing. I learned so much. It was also extremely disturbing. What made me so fired up was seeing celebrities and teens wearing Tshirts (and necklaces and bikinis) with Che Guevara’s and Mao Zedong’s faces on them and hearing some of the leaders of our government say that they look up to and have learned a lot from the teachings of Che Guevara and Mao Zedong. What I learned today is that these two individuals were just as bad as Stalin and Hitler. They were murderers and evil men and yet we have people in the U.S. praising them! Are you kidding me?!

I bet most of the teens that wear these Tshirts don’t have a clue as to who these evil men really were so this could be an honest mistake on their part. But if you are someone who has one of these shirts, PLEASE stop wearing it. Throw it away! I started crying when they interviewed family members whose fathers had been killed by these vicious men. It broke my heart when they said how much it hurt them to see people in the U.S. wear these monsters on their shirts and praise their teachings.

And celebrities, come on now! KNOW who these people really are before you are photographed wearing a shirt with their picture on your chest. And if you are a government official or politician who admires one of these men, you disgust me and you do NOT belong in the U.S. government!

Now if you are a person who wears these shirts and you KNOW who these men were and you still think it’s a cool and it makes a statement, that just disgusts me too. We can NOT support and honor these men. The United States MUST stand against teachings of people like this! 

Learn more about the documentary HERE

I hope the special will air again on FOX news. If it does, please watch it.


A Billion Dollars January 21, 2010

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The other day, I was in the car with two of my friends and we all answered this question: What would you do if someone gave you a billion dollars? This is a fun thought. Here is what I think I’d do:

1. Tithe

2. Pay off all debts of my mom and dad, my husband’s mom and dad, and my sister.

3. I taught a little boy for four years who died when he was seven. He was born with a very serious heart condition. I’d donate money in his name to the children’s hospital that tried to help him or to research for the heart condition that he had. Also, his mom has been through such a hard time, not only with his death. Her mother had a lot of terrible health problems so she now takes care of her mom and runs the family business. I’d give her a lot of money to help her. But I wouldn’t let her know that it came from me.

4. Buy my husband a truck

5. Buy us some land and build our dream house.

6. Take our families and closest friends on trips to anywhere they’d like to go, anywhere in the world. We’d pay for everything.

7. I’d like to give money to families in need in our community and have them not know who it came from. 

8. My husband is interested in learning more about carpentry so I’d build him a workshop and get him all of the tools he’d need.

9. I’d buy a new camera.

10. My sister and I would make a CD of the songs God’s given us.

11.  Put the rest in the bank (if there was any left).

What would you do if someone gave you a billion dollars?


Only A Mom November 9, 2009

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I have a friend who had her first baby a couple of years ago. I love her but to be honest and blunt, I don’t really like spending time with her anymore. ALL she does is talk about her son, whether we’re on the phone or in person. And if she does ask me something about me, most of the time she’ll interrupt me to ask him what he wants or to say to me “Did you just see what he did?” or “Watch him.” Then I feel awkward to finish what I was saying cause I know she wasn’t listening.

When we go out to eat together, she lets him eat off of my plate and just smiles at me. I don’t want a child whose been licking all over his fingers sticking those fingers in my food. I do love him but I miss my friend. It’s like now all she is is a mom, only a mom. Can we never get together just us two?

I don’t have children yet but I’m making mental notes of things as I’m learning them. Here’s the mental notes that I’ve made from this situation:


When I have a child:

1. I know everything she/he does will be so adorable to me and my husband but I’ll try not to interrupt people to make them take notice of my kid. I will just enjoy that cute mental snapshot for myself.


2. I will try and make sure that when I have a conversation with another person, half of the conversation is about the other person.


3. I will not call myself mommy or my husband daddy when I’m not talking to our kids.


4. I will not let my child eat off of other people’s plates.


5. I will not put a picture of JUST my baby as my profile picture on myspace or facebook. Putting a picture of her/him AND me is fine, but is it my profile page or my baby’s?


6. My husband will still be the most important person to me. I am certain that God and a strong marriage build a strong family. I know my kids will be so important to me and that I’ll love them more than I’ll ever be able to say. I know I’d be willing to die to protect them. But the order for me will go God, husband, and then kids. I’ve seen too many families and marriages fall apart because EVERYTHING was about the kids. The husband and wife didn’t take dates, didn’t make time for each other, and the kids ruled the house = not good.


Yes I want to be a mom. But I don’t want to ONLY be a mom. When I’m a mother, I will still be a christian, a wife, a daughter, a sister, a friend, a photographer, a (try-to-be) musician, etc.


All My Clothes Shrank, Obviously October 20, 2009

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I wish the reason was that all of my clothes shrank but I’m pretty sure it’s me that changed. My clothes from last winter don’t fit me. I tried a bunch of them on yesterday and they all look like spandex. This is very depressing. Well, it stops here. I REFUSE to gain one more pound! I’m off to go walk on the treadmill. The treadmill will be my new best friend.


Capitalism September 26, 2009

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Did anyone watch the two girls on Hannity last night? I’m sorry but those girls were ridiculous! All I have to say is if you don’t like Capitalism and the United States… then LEAVE! Move to another country that has the system in place that you like and after you live there for a few years, we’ll see what you think of Capitalism then. Why are we making rich people the enemy? We need rich people because they create jobs and most of them worked really hard to get to where they are. As Glenn Beck puts it, “I’ve never been hired or given a job by a poor man.” Who are you to say how much another person can make and who are you to take money AWAY from someone who earned it and give it to someone who has not? Yeah, let’s start teaching our children that they don’t have to work hard to make it in life because they can just get what they want from someone else who did work for it… does this sound crazy to anyone else but me?


Fantastic Idea! September 15, 2009

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Someone sent me an email the other day that had such a great idea in it. It said that we should put our car keys next to our bed at night. That way, if we hear someone trying to break into our house or something, we should hit the car alarm button. Hopefully it will scare the person or people away or at least it will eventually bring your neighbors to your house. I tried it the other day and my alarm button does work all the way from my bedroom. Great idea!